Mohammad Zakeri Rad is a Blockchain developer, Researcher, and Zero-knowledge engineer.



One of my key motivations is to actively engage with and contribute to the development of cutting-edge blockchain solutions that offer enhanced privacy and security through zero knowledge technology.

Another significant motivator is the opportunity to contribute to the development of public goods through blockchain integration.

From streamlining cross-border payments and reducing remittance costs to improving supply chain traceability and ensuring the authenticity, blockchain has already demonstrated its ability to address real-world challenges.


I bring over 4 years of extensive experience in blockchain development, encompassing a wide range of areas from smart contract development to seamless integration with existing systems.

I have actively contributed to the open-source community. As a bug hunter, I have identified and reported vulnerabilities in Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). Additionally, I am proud to have co-authored the ERC6960 Dual Layer Token Standard, which provides a comprehensive framework for creating real world assets(RWA) on the blockchain.

Designing zero knowledge solutions, from identity authentication protocols to ownership verification mechanisms, that protect sensitive information while ensuring the integrity and transparency of blockchain transactions.

Hard Skills

Smart contract development

  • solidity
  • yul assembly
  • huff
  • foundry
  • hardhat
  • ethers
  • truffle


  • echidna
  • foundry fuzzing
  • slither
  • vertigo
  • sumo mutator


  • Noir
  • polygno ID
  • circom
  • snarkyjs


  • solady
  • solmate
  • huffmate
  • open-zeppelin
  • zolidity

Writing and More


Signing and Verifying EIP712 Messages Off-chain and On-chain
A walkthrough for signing and verifying messages following EIP712 both on back end and smart contract level

Node packages

ERC6960 package
Including main DLT contract with DLTPermit and DLTEnumerable extensions



Blockchain Developer at Polytrade Finance

Time Zone

Gulf Standard Time (GMT+4)



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